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  • We have a contract with them to service our equipment twice a year and they are the BEST!
    This is a GREAT Company! We have a contract with them to service our equipment twice a year and they are the BEST! Our air went out over the weekend and they took care of it right away, the same day I called. We had a small mishap and this company showed their commitment to outstanding customer service. They are Trustworthy, Responsive, Accountable, and all about CUSTOMER SERVICE! I'm so glad we chose to give them a shot a few years ago. We use them at the company I work for and after they saved us over $6000 when another HVAC company told us we had to replace a unit and Bill Kirkland fixed it for less than $300 I decided to give them a shot at my personal residence. It’s been nothing but a pleasure to know with just a phone call our HVAC needs are their first priority. I would recommend this company to all friends and family. Thank you for taking care of us today Bill Kirkland and family. Sincerely, The Russo’s!
  • The staff that you surround yourself with does a fantastic job...
    Dear Bill , As usual , the company & staff that you surround yourself with is & does a fantastic job . I know this so very well, because when I relocated here to take care of Mom ~over a two yr. period of time I went through two Companies before I found You ~ the Best of the Best ! On Jan 1 2018 ~ 5 :00 P.M.~ my Mom"s heat pump went out , thank Goodness for space heaters and a Company I know I can depend on , which is Kirkland's. Mom is now 90 , so time was of importance etc. I called on Jan 1st & spoke with the guy on call an we both determined that the first thing in A.M . it would be checked out . It was evaluated on Jan 2nd, parts ordered , an fixed by Jan 3 rd 9:30 A.M the next day ! You have no idea that when being a caretaker of an Elder person ~ that when a Heating & or Air Conditioning problem comes up , I no longer have to worry about the Company I work with because I Already know without a doubt it will relieves all my stressors. I know when I call Kirklands the job will be done in a timely manner with guys that know the business etc... I want to thank you an you're staff for kindness, efficiencies , & professionalism that has been provided to us over the last 8 yrs.! I would say I wish you had a website whereby I could share my Positive thoughts about how great you're Company is , but I am a little selfish and would like to the best of my ability keep you're business a Secret ~ which I know it's not! Sincerely , Karen & JoAnne Sickinger
  • I appreciate your commitment to detail and communication...
    Bill, I am writing to inform you about several compliments we received concerned recent projects completed at Wofford College and Drayton MIlls. I appreciate your commitment to detail and communication throughout each project. Your technicians and installation crews are, and have always been a pleasure to work with. Thank you for 13 years of excellent heating and air work with out company. Sincerely, Paul Habisreutinger H General Contractors
  • Kirkland has to be the most professional and honest company in Spartanburg...
    “Kirkland has to be the most professional and honest company in Spartanburg! Each of them were great! I can't say enough about Kenny and the excellent crew who installed my new system. My small den is finally comfortable. Thank you again for the outstanding service!" - Susan P.
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